Art and Me

My love for art and my journey with art so far…

I’ve always been very passionate about art and it’s always been my friend and something where I could vent out all my worries and forget about the world. It is indeed my best friend!

My family was always very supportive about me painting even during board examinations. It acted as a stress buster and something I did when I was not studying as it refreshed me and helped me grasp topics better. It was during my board examination that I decided I wanted to have an art exhibition. As soon as I shared it with my family, they were ready for it and motivated me to take my idea forward.

I don’t think I would be able to call myself an artist if it wasn’t for them…My journey as an artist hasn’t been hard even though I had to sacrifice a lot of time with my family and friends but I guess it was worth it .

I remember spending a major part of my childhood making cards and drawings for my family members.
As time flew, people started telling me that I had a good taste in art and I realized it too when I started placing in inter-house competitions, getting projects from school and even at other external events. So, I finally decided to convert my hobby into something more serious. I started spending more time on art and also painting more seriously than before.

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