Making a difference

We became comfortable in discussing health and hygiene issues. They started sharing the better health learnings with their families – about dental care, cleanliness, menstrual hygiene and more. I was able to touch lot many lives through them.

We kept each wall art different – where one was an abstract graphic, filled in with the shades of the rainbow. It was simple, bold and extremely pleasing to the eye.

The third painting was done on a wall outside the school – a simple, multi-coloured imagery of fourteen birds. The entire experience was extremely therapeutic, and I was glad to see my co-artists thorougly enjoying themselves too.

There is no joy like spreading smiles and touching lives. Getting to do that through ART, something I truly love, is like living a dream.

I ran a small collection drive of used clothes. My friends and family poured in bags full of garments. Before the festivals, we travelled to tea estate to distribute these wearables to the children and the workers – it was a gratifying experience to see them inbox happiness..

I organised two clothes collection drives, centered out of Kolkata to gather good-conditioned wearables and distribute it among our estate workers. I was overwhelmed and touched by the sentiment and good will of all the people who contributed ever-so generously, some of them being complete strangers, who came to hear about the drive through whatsapp messages circulated among mutual groups.

Our second wall painting was an ode to nature , full of elements such as butterflies and flowers, on a wall belonging to the junior most class. I tried to incoporate easily identifiable nature motifs to instil in them a familiarity and love for nature.

I had always wanted to do something for the stray animals in and around the estate. Therefore, during one of my visits to Merryview, I organized a small vaccination drive for around forty strays with a two-fold intent – to foster better health of the dogs who are like pets to the tea estate, as well as to ensure the safety of our people, living and working within the premises.

When I decided to do craft activities with the children at the tea garden, I felt I was more drawn to their enthusiasm than the finesse of the handicrafts we created. The imperfections and asymmetry of the things they made, didn’t matter but their smiles filled me with joy. They would flock to the activity room with curiosity and eagerness to learn new things. Their parents were so happy to see them engaged and learning.

These experiences have fuelled my desire to keep doing small things to make a difference in their lives and stay connected to them through Pehchaan.

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